Words have always come easily to us. founder David Weiss discovered his talent early on for assembling a sentence — or a whole bunch of them — and then making those words go to work. An early start in music journalism led to a distinct spin on technology later on. He found he could take on even the most technical subjects and give them a rhythm.

At Dwords, we love the challenge of taking on tough-to-write-about topics, and making them appealing and engaging.

Today, when we work with clients on their branding, marketing and PR needs, our writing style is just the start. We’ve launched our own successful brands, so we understand what it means to be on the ground floor with your creation, and then make it grow. Our best practices start with our own real-life experiences.

Dwords connects the dots for our clients. We are a Content Strategy agency which guides many different verticals including:

·         Blockchain

·         Cryptocurrency

·         Broadcast technology

·         Media production

·         Post production

·         VR

·         Fixed wireless

·         Music technology

·         …and more

Dwords clients have been multi-million dollar corporations, solo operators, and everything in between. We can grow and scale our teams as needed to add the best personnel possible for PR, video production, animators, graphics and more. Benefit from our excellent relationships: By engaging Dwords, you have an onramp to full-fledged PR & marketing when you’re ready.    


Dwords founder David Weiss is also Founder/Editor of, the leading online news source reporting on the audio industry. Under his management and marketing expertise, SonicScoop’s brand has grown to encompass an international readership of 90,000 unique visitors monthly online and via mobile, social media engagement of over 35,000 followers combined on Facebook and Twitter, and a YouTube video channel with almost 35,000 subscribers and 2 million combined views.      

He is also co-author of the book Music Supervision: The Complete Guide to Selecting and Licensing Music & Sound Design for Media, published by Schirmer Trade Books in September, 2005. The second edition was published in 2017. Visit the companion site at Musicsupervision101. In addition, he is the co-founder of The SongHunters, a music discovery service for music supervisors.